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Personalised Cover Pages

Every fax to email account has the standard Fax2Mail cover page set as the default cover page however custom cover pages help increase your brand awareness and enable your clients to identify and respond to your faxes more quickly.

For a one of fee of just £50 we can upload your cover page with your logo and contact details instead of ours!

If your company has several users you will only pay £50 because we will upload the same template to your group of users.

If you require multiple cover page designs to be uploaded to your account this is possible and each design that we upload will be billed at the standard rate of £50.

Standard cover page Personalised cover page
Standard Cover Page     Personal Cover Page

To arrange for your own personalised cover page to be uploaded all you need to do is email in a word template of your cover page to  and we will do the rest.

If you do not have your own design and would like us to help you design one please call the support team on 0330 057 3101 who will help you design your cover page at no extra cost!

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