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Memorable Phone and Fax Numbers

Memorable numbers are telephone and fax numbers with a simple sequence of numbers that make the number easier to remember.

For example: 0800 100 200 or 0844 114 1000 or 08459 45 46 47

It is not necessary to have memorable numbers for all of your telephone and fax numbers however it is advantageous to have your main telephone and fax number memorable so that customers can remember them easily.

Memorable numbers help maximise sales from marketing promotions or repeat business and also help with customer satisfaction by making it easier for customers to remember how to call you when they need to most.

There is either a monthly or annual subscription for all memorable numbers depending on you preferred payment frequency.

The annual subscription is 50.00
The monthly subscription is 5.50

Fax2Mail pair all telephone and fax numbers so that we can reserve the matching telephone numbers for our fax to email customers and visa versa. We only charge the fee for a memorable number once per pair so you can upgrade to a memorable telephone and or fax to email number for just 50 per year or 5.50 per month if you pay by direct debit!

To choose your personal number or for further details call 0330 057 3101 or email

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