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Fax2Mail for SME's & Corporates'

key features



Send and receive faxes electronically via email without out any additional hardware or software or even a fax line!

Eliminate the need for fax machines, fax servers, network fax solutions and significantly reduce your faxing costs!

Increase staff productivity, improve document management, and increase document security!


The only requirement for Fax2Mail is email. There is no system requirements because Fax2Mail is a third party service and we host all the necessary hardware and software meaning you don’t need to.
Fax2Mail operates through any email platform whether it is web or office based.

Because Fax2Mail is not hardware or software dependant it operates with any email enabled devices e.g. desk top, laptop, Blackberry, XDA, PDA, mobile phones etc.

Supported file types include .doc .xls .vsd .rft .pdf .jpg .ppt .gif .bmp .jpeg .txt .rtf etc.


There is no hardware to set up, no software to install and no internal configuration required for the implementation of Fax2Mail. Quite literally all that is required is a list of users and their email addresses then we will do the rest.

Consecutive number ranges are available on request as are the matching phone numbers for every fax number. It is also possible to choose a selection of number types such as 0871, 0844, 0845 and 0800 as required. Memorable or golden numbers can also be provided on request – particularly useful for main numbers or marketing purposes.

We will add all users to one main account for your company however we can also then divide them into smaller groups or departments for audit and management purposes if required.

Once all users have been created and activated on the Fax2Mail system we will email welcome emails to every user confirming their fax number and account details.

Each user receives a copy of the Quick Reference User Guide which covers the basic functions of Fax2Mail; this is sufficient for most users however the full Extended User Guide is available on request.

Because Fax2Mail is not hardware or software dependant it makes it totally versatile and will operate through any application that can send or receive emails. This includes CRM Solutions, accounting programs, and web applications.

receiving fax

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Receiving Faxes

Faxes sent from a fax machine to a Fax2Mail number will be received and automatically converted into a PDF or TIFF file format according to the account preferences at the time. Once converted they will then be forwarded as attachments to emails and delivered to the email address assigned to the fax number at that time.

Faxes will be received from ‘Documanager powered by Fax2Mail’ in the recipient email inbox. The subject will be ‘(X) page document from (the fax number)’. The email will have the fax attached in the chosen file format which can then be opened and viewed.

As with an email faxes can then be forwarded, deleted, saved, or printed if necessary. File sizes are typically less than 50KB.

All fax numbers provided by Fax2Mail are registered by the Fax Preference Service which almost guarantees that you will not receive SPAM faxes. If however unsolicited and unwanted faxes are received Fax2Mail can block the senders fax number stopping nuisance faxes.

Sending Faxes

Faxes can be sent directly from the user email client or any application that can send via the user email client such as office applications, contact management and web applications.

Sending a fax is as simple as sending an email because that in truth is exactly what happens except the email address will be and not

The email will then be received by the Fax2Mail servers which will convert the email and any attachments into a fax and then deliver it. This means staff don’t need to learn new skills and anyone who can use email can already use Fax2Mail.

It is also possible to send the same document to multiple recipients in the same way as it is possible to send an email to multiple recipients dividing recipients with a semicolon. Recipients can either fax numbers only or a combination of fax numbers and email addresses.

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sending a fax
Online Account Management

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Online Account Management

Every user (fax account) will be provided with a user name and password which will enable them to manage their account online at

Once logged in a user can view their 30 day log of faxes sent and received. The log will provide information such as date, time, sender/recipient, number of pages, fax reference ID and status. Using the online account management it is possible to resend faxes sent and received.

Users can block senders if unsolicited or unwanted faxes are being received with the click of a button.

Users can also manage account preferences which include;

Received faxes file type i.e. PDF, TIFF or encrypted PDF
Email address assigned to fax number
User Name
Time Zone
Email Delivery Confirmation Reports ON/OFF

Internal Administrators

Fax2Mail does not charge for administration of user accounts or technical support however it is possible to create internal administrator accounts to monitor and manage users within your organisation.

Internal administrators will have permission to view the activity of individual single users, groups of users or every user within the company. While doing this they will also be able to resend faxes or block fax numbers.

Administrators can edit all user details including username, email, password and received faxes file type. This means that fax numbers can be transferred internally on a temporary or permanent basis as required.

If spare numbers are purchased to allow for new staff then administrators will also have the ability to set up new users.

Fax2Mail Administration


The fact that Fax2Mail doesn’t require hardware or software makes it probably the most scalable fax solution available. If you require consecutive numbers for your business then at the time of your original order it is possible to reserve enough additional consecutive numbers to allow for your predicted growth by simply requesting it.

It is possible to add users on a user by user basis although it is generally more cost effective to grow by groups of 10 or more users. For pricing information please call 0330 057 3101 and talk to a sales advisor who will be able to answer any questions.


Technical support is provided free of charge for all Fax2Mail users. The answer to most queries can be found at either in the quick reference user guide or online demo’s or FAQ’s.

Alternatively the Fax2Mail Technical support team are available between 9am and 5:30pm Mon – Fri on 0330 057 3101 or

Most queries or issues can be resolved quickly; it is our aim at Fax2Mail to resolve issues within 24 hours.


The simple fact that there is no hardware or software to purchase and set up makes Fax2Mail quick easy and cost effective to set up.

After initial implementation there are no fax lines, no maintenance and no upgrades to pay for. Support is free and you will reduce the cost of your consumables substantially!

For orders of less than 10 fax to email numbers please see our standard pricing by clicking here

For orders of 10+ fax to email numbers please call one of our sales advisors on 0330 057 3101 or email for pricing.

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