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Interested in becoming a partner or reseller of Fax2Mail?

If you believe that your customers would benefit from using non-geographic telephone numbers and fax to email
numbers then Fax2Mail can help you provide these services and earn you additional revenue!

There are 3 primary ways of reselling the services of Fax2Mail which are;

For information on our affiliate programme click here
Affiliated Reseller White Label Resellers

As an affiliated reseller all you need to do is have a section of your website that outlines to your customers the key benefits of Fax2Mail with links for the product(s) that you choose to sell. We can then host a dedicated co-branded webpage if required which you can then link to for more detailed information about the product(s) that you have chosen to sell. If you do not require a webpage to be hosted by us you can link directly to the Fax2Mail shop alternatively if you choose to have a co-branded page hosted by us then it will link to the Fax2Mail shop so that users can signup.

Fax2Mail manage ALL customer management such as technical support and billing which means all you need to do is drive traffic to us and we pay you. It really is that simple!

To see an example of an affiliated reseller click here

To see an example of a co-branded webpage hosted by Fax2Mail click here

To request further information about becoming an affiliated reseller email us at or call us on 0330 057 3101.

If you wish to resell any of the services offered by Fax2Mail as your own then Fax2Mail Limited can offer you a complete white label version of our website. This would include everything you need to be able to sell the services offered by Fax2Mail such as product information and training together with your own number range(s). As a white label reseller you become responsible for everything regarding your customers from the sale to customer support and the billing of your customers.

To request further information about becoming a white label reseller of Fax2Mail email us at or call us on 0330 057 3101.

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