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Testimonials from some of our clients:

Your Feedback

Do you have feedback you would like to share with us? Good or Bad we want to hear from you, customer satisfaction is a priority at Fax2Mail so if you would like to contact us use the link below and simply quote your name and either your fax number or account number in the email.

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Blue Chip Financial Institution
We were running a project office consisting of various teams (approx. 45 people). Our field based team consisted of a team of over 250 people providing various services to sites ranging from training, to deployment and implementation support. Each of these individuals was required to document their activities/decisions made and completed throughout the day and fax this information back to the project office at close of business.

Before we embarked on the fax2mail system we had two fax machines taking these faxes. One was taking the majority of calls and the second fax machine was used for overflow. At the beginning this solution worked adequately as the field based team was quite small (approx. 50 people). We got the frequent busy dial tone, but it was manageable.

However, after a recruitment drive to pull the team up to 250+ people, I decided that we needed to source another alternative. The man power required to sort the incoming faxes and interpret their contents was increasing rapidly.

Fax2Mail provided a service that at the time no other provider did, converting the incoming faxes to PDF files. The systems we were using within the client environment could not have any additional software downloaded and we couldn't access or view TIFF files. PDF was our only option.

The system worked perfectly, the major three points being:

1. No engaged tones. This was vital as 250+ team members were their paperwork to the central project office and leave the site promptly. It made mostly sending their faxes at the same time (5pm-6pm). It meant they could get rid ofthem and the site staff happy (as they could leave in a timely manner!)

2. We set up an exchange mailbox on our mail server and had all of our faxes directed to that. As each fax was received, the subject was changed to reflect the activity and site name. This made locating the information quick and easy, no more wading through reams of paper. As each field member called in at the end of the day, we could check instantly that their fax had been received and was readable (through the use of a shared mailbox).

3. Environmentally, the system used far less paper that it's traditional version. So in effect we were helping the environment too. Toner was also costing the project a couple of hundred pounds a month. So it saved vast amounts of time, effort and money all in one.

- Senior Project Manager

Mobile Telecoms Solutions Provider
We first trialed fax2mail early last year, and I must say it is one of the easiest services to use I have come across. We currently use the fax2mail server to hold PDF faxes in our databases. We can simply browse to a record and pull up any associated faxes sent from any client.

We have just ordered two more fax2mail accounts as the service is easier to use than conventional faxes, and most prefer faxes coming directly to their email inbox rather than waiting by a fax machine!

Overall I rate the fax2mail service very highly and wouldnt hesitate to recommend to others.

- I.T. Manager

European Media Provider
I have found Fax2Mail to be an ideal solution enabling us to send, receive, forward and save faxes electronically through email in the form of a PDF. Fax2Mail also provided me with a matching 0870 phone number. The two of these together give me a UK presence whilst I'm based in France.

The service from Fax2Mail is reliable and customer service has been friendly and very responsive.

I would definitely recommend Fax2Mail.

- Chief Operations Officer

Global Leader in Recruitment
We first subscribed to Fax2Mail in April 2005 replacing an out of date internally run system called Zetafax.

As we rely heavily on fax in some areas of the business and every fax is important we needed a solution that was simple & reliable.

Fax2Mail was very quick and easy to implement, all we had to do was provide a list of users and Fax2Mail did the rest.

As soon as it was set up Fax2Mail sent every user a welcome email and our users immediately started using their new fax to email numbers to send and receive faxes.

We receive large volumes of faxes and often in a short space of time, by using Fax2Mail we can receive multiple faxes simultaneously and because they're received electronically it simplifies our document management and ensures faxes are not lost or misplaced.

The level of support and customer service we have received has been excellent and since originally signing up we have rolled Fax2Mail out to several new departments.

All in all Fax2Mail has proved to be a very valuable solution because it's easy to implement, easy to use, it's reliable and has also reduced our faxing overheads substantially. We would definitely recommend Fax2Mail as a fax solution.

- Technical Support Manager

Worlds leading IT&T Recruitment specialist
We've been using Fax2Mail for around six months now, properly, and for us it's been an excellent service. It's easy to administer, very reliable and the support team and account managers are always happy to help with absolutely any query.

Over the 6 months we have experienced no downtime whatsoever which, compared to our last fax to email converting solution, is infinitely better.

I would gladly recommend this service to anyone.

- IT Support Manager

SME Recruitment Firm
Fax2mail has quite literally revolutionised the way we work. We wouldn’t be without it

- Managing Director

SME Recruitment Firm
We’ve used the Fax2Mail service for a couple of years now, primarily for incoming faxes and have found it very easy to use. It’s so much easier receiving documents directly into your email, particularly when we’re working remotely. Customer service has been great, not that we’ve had many occasions to call them. No complaints at all really, does exactly what it says on the tin for a reasonable price!

- Managing Partner

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