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An introduction to fax to email

Document communications that don't require signatures for the most part are now done by email because it's convenient, it's quick and it's reliable. However that said faxes are still an important part of business whether for sending and receiving sales orders, invoices or legal documents which is why until now almost every business needed fax machines or fax servers. By subscribing to Fax2Mail you can send and receive faxes by email with all the benefits of email and none of the hassle and expense of old fashioned fax machines or fax servers!

Fax2Mail doesn't require any special software to be downloaded, it doesn't need any hardware to be plugged in and it doesn't even need a fax line! If you have an email address all you need to do is signup to one of our fax to email numbers and you can begin receiving faxes by email and sending faxes by email.

  • Send & Receive Faxes by Email
  • Online Account Management including 30 days history of faxes sent and received
  • Send & receive faxes from a PC, Laptop, Blackberry, XDA or Mobile Phone
  • View, Save, Forward, Delete or print faxes where ever you are!
  • All fax numbers registered with the FPS (fax preference service)
  • UK company with FREE UK based support
  • Never Busy, Never Out of Paper, Never Out of Toner
  • No Hardware or Software required
  • Receive faxes as PDF, Encrypted PDF or TIFF files
  • Real time delivery reports by email
  • Fax to email numbers from �3 per month
  • Quick, Easy, Reliable and Secure faxing
  • Send & receive when you need to anytime and anyplace
  • No more SPAM faxes
  • Never loose or miss another fax again
  • Nothing to install or setup
  • No maintenance
  • Complete user control
  • Up to 80% cheaper than conventional fax

Within the Product Information section...

Fax2Mail for Individuals & Small Business
Send or receive faxes by email anytime and anywhere. No fax line needed, no hardware or software needed just choose your fax number and receive faxes in you inbox or send faxes from your email to a fax machine. Learn More
Fax2Mail for SME's & Large Corporations
Eliminate the need for fax servers and physical fax lines reducing your faxing overheads. Improve staff efficiency, improve document management, easy to set up and fully scaleable. Learn More
Non-Geographic & Matching Telephone Numbers
Give your business a national presence with an 0871, 0844, 0845 or 0800 number. Even have a UK non-geographic telephone number forwarded to a landline anywhere in the world. Learn More
Memorable Phone and Fax Numbers
Maximise response rates from marketing campaigns and increase customer satisfaction and retention by making it easier for your customers to remember how to contact you! Learn More
Personalised Cover Pages
Use your own cover page with your company logo and contact details or have us design you one if you don't have one already. Learn More
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